A to Z Blogging Challenge : Q is for questioning from children and losing your omnipotence in their eyes


Before I became a mother, the one thing I really dreaded was answering the constant questions which I knew a child was bound to start asking at some stage. I had faced those stages with my young cousins, nieces and nephews and I shuddered to think that I could hardly cope with them for a few days at a time, and how could I cope with my own child 24/7.


One of the reasons I probably felt so uncomfortable with questions was the fact that it revealed to me my own profound lack of curiosity in the world. I dont recall a time when I was that curious, and somehow getting to understand my own ‘non-curiosity’ made me feel rather ‘less alive’ than those kids.


Now of course there is less need to feel hassled about childrens questions. The internet is a ready resource to answer the most curious childs questions. Considering most kids internet savviness you dont even need to make the effort to find the answer, let the kid search for it on her own.


And perhaps that is going to be the most challenging thing for parents of my generation. I mean no matter what we felt as children, we always looked up to our parents because they seemed to know more than us. Now, it is very obvious to our children that they have the potential to know much more than us. Will they then continue to look upto us the way we did to our parents, or how will the relationship change?

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