A to Z Blogging Challlenge : L is for Learning and Learning difficulties in school

A to Z Blogging Challenge Apr 14 L

I am lucky enough that I did not have learning difficulties in any of the major subjects. I could read easily, write ok (even if the handwriting remains pathetic) and did not have issues in math. I was not suspected to have dyslexia, dysgraphia or any of the dys issues.


But that didnt mean schooling was great or I was good in everything. I am pretty judgmental about myself and I was really reallly bad in drawing or any craft work. I have written earlier about how I practically had a drawing phobia. Same with sports. My eye hand co ordination sucked. I could never hit a ball with everything. In fact I doubt if I can even now. My three year old is much better in football than me.


Thankfully, where I studied, these were only considered practically outside school activities, and so although I hated every drawing and games period, although I even broke down and cried one day, when I could not complete an assigned drawing,  I did not get labelled in school as ‘being bad’ at something. Studies was considered most important, and the fact that I was good at it, or at least not overwhelmingly bad at it, shielded me from much negativity in school.


It is only in recent years, when I have read up much more on learning disorders that I venture to suggest, that perhaps I had a learning disorder myself. I have read about how there is a inherent ordering of different intelligences and traits and ability to read, write and do math is more valued in school than ability to draw or play. Judging by the way the education system does respond to this issue, I am glad no one noticed or amplified my problem. I have found a new space with my daughter to try to draw again, to try to play again. The judgmental side of me says I still suck at both of them, but I am learning to do them, even if I am not good at them.


But what about those who underperformed in the more necessary disciplines of writing and reading. Would they have made through school as unscathed as me. And will they have the second chances I am getting.

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