A to Z Blogging Challenge : I is for Icecream and living in Icecream city

Ahmedabad is most certainly THE icecream city. It not only has all kinds of local brands of icecream and all kinds of new flavors, but also the citizens who are all slightly obsessed with ice creams.


There are probably many social and economic reasons why icecreams are so available and relatively cheaper in Ahmedabad. For one, this is still the city of largely local ice creams. No fancy ice cream parlour chains here. We have a lot of local dairy selling their wares, and even the popular brands – Vadilal and Havmor- are Amdavadi brands.


And then there are the flavors. There are some really good experiemental flavors here (Cinnamon, ginger, green tea!!!), and in local shops, natural means really natural. I know Naturals is a big brand in other metros, and whenever I hear other people mentioning going to Naturals for an overpriced ice cream, I feel proud of the city I live in. Here natural means you will only get the flavors as per the season. Natural means, your orange ice cream will have the orange fruit and sometimes, ocassionally and unintentionally, even the orange seed.


Local ice creams do not get the creamy texture of the branded ice creams. Sometimes, there is ice in it. But that sort of makes each ice cream eating experience unique. You never know how this lot of ice cream will taste compared to the previous time you ate it, even if it is the same flavor in the same shop.


And then there is of course the experience of eating ice cream. Perhaps that is why Ahmedabad is the ice cream city. Not just because it is one of the foremost milk producing state, not just because it houses Amul, but because here entire families think nothing of coming out in all hours of the day and night to have a couple of ice creams. Every time you step out for a ice cream you are sure to see a family there, where three to four generations are eating ice creams together. Kids of seven to eight are up and bright at 11 in the night and having their ice creams, early school hours and need to be in bed be damned.

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