A to Z Blogging Challenge : C is for commuting to work and getting some guilt free ‘me’ time

A to Z Blogging Challenge : Apr 3 C
Over the last five years, I have had the dubious pleasure of not having to commute to work at all. I work from home, or in a workspace which is abt two minutes walk from my home. The walk is picturesque campus. My daughter’s day care is on the way, so I drop her off while leaving for work and pick her up when I am coming back.

Now, considering how crowded and congested most major Indian cities are, isnt this a big blessing. Well I assumed so for a long time. Especially in the initial days, when I had just moved to Ahmedabad, and was fresh from long two wheeler rides to my workplace through the congested streets of Bangalore.

But very soon this began to pall. On those ocassions when I had to go to Bangalore and commute to work, I started enjoying it. My workplace was now further away, and I had to take public transport to reach it, but I would say this added to my enjoyment. I borrowed books from friends and colleagues. I would load books onto my kindle and read it on the way. Planning for what I would read during the long bus ride was an activity in itself.

Looking back, I think what I really liked about this time was the fact that it was totally ‘me’ time and I didnt need to give an excuse to anybody, least of all myself, to claim that time for me, to pursue my hobbies. I feel women who are trying to balance household as well as jobs are on a constant guilt trip on how they are underperforming in one of these roles, or perhaps both, and so even if they have time for leisure that is clouded by guilt. But when I sat on a bus to go to work, I was free from all that. No household work is expected of me while I commute (though many women in the local trains of Mumbai manage that as well), no office work is expected of me either. So I could read to my hearts content.

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3 thoughts on “A to Z Blogging Challenge : C is for commuting to work and getting some guilt free ‘me’ time

  1. The Twentysomething Social Recluse says:

    I work from home, too, and I know exactly how you feel! Thanks for posting 🙂

  2. I have commuted in both urban and rural areas here in Canada. I much prefer the rural commute. No traffic, no stress. “Me” time to listen to music, sing, take in the sights (without looking too far off the road!). When I would commute the same amount of time in the city, I would arrive at work and later at home stressed and grumpy from dealing with traffic and bad drivers!

    • divyasarma says:

      I have mostly commuted only in urban areas, but I really love commuting if I am not the driver. No need to focus on the road even, just get on to the bus/train, and get off at the right place and have all the time in between for yourself.

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