Jigsaws and broken buses : Reflections from Migu at play

To be very honest, I dont remember playing much with jigsaw puzzles as a kid. But they suddenly seem to the be the in toy thing, and since we have been gifted many jigsaw puzzles, I sometimes try to engage Migu with them.

The problem is puzzle for puzzle sake seems to bore her. She sees no reason for dismantling a picture and putting it together again. This is what she has to say when we are attempting to assemble a bus together.

Me : Are these pieces of the bus?

Migu : (after thinking) Yes

Me : Shall we put it together ?

Migu : (in a voice of great excitement, as if she has discovered something) : Amma, the bus is broken. Let us go to the shop and ask them to repair it.

SO jigsaw puzzles need to be solved by mechanics? I am waiting for the day, when poring over a dog puzzle, she is going to admonish me for breaking the dog’s leg, and start caring for the doggy.


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