Who is controlling who ? Reflections on interactions with my two year old

I guess like every parent, I used to think that with our words we are able to manage/control/shape our child’s behavior. Some of these interactions with my daughter make me wonder who is actually controlling who? I guess each of us thinks we are in charge of the coversation.

Situation : Bedtime.
Migu : I want to see tablet.
Me : Not now. Tablet is sleeping.
Migu : I thought you will say appa has taken it away (referring to the fact that my husband is not in town).

Situation : Migu has just broken my glasses once again, and I am so irritated that I dont even want to talk to her to even remonstrate with her.

Migu : Amma, bad job, say Migu, Bad job.

Situation : I had forbidden her from jumping down the stairs.

Migu (after executing a jump) : Amma, say no jumping.


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