Movie watching with the husband : When verbal meets visual.


Ours is quite an unlike marraige when it comes to hobby preferences. My husband is a movie buff and while I certainly enjoy movies, I am by no means a buff. Similarly I love reading (or at least used to when I had more leisure time) and my husband is one of those who finds it hard to get through a whole work of fiction. He once asked me if I really read every page of the book.

The problem is each of us got into the marraige thinking the other would enjoy what we did the most. And were in for a severe disappointment.

Since movie watching was more amenable to being a shared experience than reading, that is what we tried to do together. But here again, the tastes clashed. I really am a very verbal person (must be a rare case). I love to read words, and switch off if there is any picture or illustration even in a book. My husband is an extremely visual person. So while I preferred dialogue heavy movies, he preferred the more visual movies. Action movies left me cold, drama left him puzzled.

We kind of worked out a compromise solution by saying we would watch those movies, which have been made based on books. But there are so few book based movies, which are really good. While he enjoyed these movies, I was again left comparing them to the book and getting disappointed.

There are some exceptions. BBC’s adaptations of Pride and Prejudice and the Hercule Poirot series are fairly true to the spirit of the book. And since, for some reason, I never warmed to Sherlock Holmes books, I could watch the TV series without blowing my top.

So now, our shared watching experiences are fairly limited. WE just keep going over this again and again. We have watched these Poirot episodes many many times, and I think we have been through Pride and Prejudice at least three times. So much so that my husband started talking like an English gentleman.



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3 thoughts on “Movie watching with the husband : When verbal meets visual.

  1. visravas says:

    Akka Try watching Game of Thrones which is Based on the book A Song of Ice and Fire and its has loads of actions and visual treats which cud fit into what Athimber wants!!!!!

  2. Amanda says:

    My husband and I have a similar problem. He loves to watch movies and I am kinda blah about them. Also, we don’t watch the same movies – he likes action and silly comedies (like the Hangover), I am a typical girl in that I like romantic comedies.
    Amanda at His and Her Hobbies

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