More on Migu’s lessons

I have blogged earlier about how it is so difficult to let a child be and gradually learn things on their own, rather than hurrying to correct their mistakes. About why it is important to understand what complex understanding children pick up through seemingly everyday interactions, and that it is necessary to appreciate their learning, rather than hope they are correct all the time. Recently, Migu has been further testing my capacity to refrain from correcting her. She has performed some extremely complex conceptual abstractions and labelled certain items as similar. Unfortunately the foodie within me rebels at the kind of classification she has done.

Firstly, she calls the yummiest basundi oats. I think her reason is both are slightly thick liquids. And we consume both items in the same kind of bowls. Everyday morning she identifies oats at the breakfast table. And whenever she is given basundi, she laps it up and repeatedly declares that it is oats. Its not like she has never tasted oats and cant make out the difference. Its just that as far as she is concerned, the similarities they share means they should be clubbed together, and to hell with difference in taste and ‘delight’ value.

Similarly, I recently introduced her to the famous sambar. Unfortunately the specimen I showed her was palak sambar, which looked all green. The next day, I had attempted to make sarson ka saag. It was a green liquid thing for her, and hence it was also sambar. Today, we had a raitha of some greens. Again, its green liquid, so its sambar. In fact she names these things without any prompting from me. Its like certain things correspond to her mental images, and therefore get named.

I know her naming seems quite ludicrous, but I am still amazed at how she is abstracting common properties and naming things. In fact I am quite amazed that she has realized things with common properties share a common name.

Now, if only I can find a way to calm down the foodie part of me.

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