30 Day Blogging Challenge : Day 12 : Five guys I am attracted to


Oh hell!! I guess I am too old for this kind of thing now. But let me remember

Rahul Dravid : Obvious choice. I guess every Indian teenager who grew up in the 90s will
have this guy on her list. I dont need to explain this.

Colin Firth as Fitzwilliam Darcy in the BBC mini series Pride and Prejudice : Pride and
Prejudice is one of the most delightful books I have read and even though Darcy in the book
does not really seem that attractive (a bit of a starched shirt), Firth as Darcy was amazing. This series is the only one where I will say the tv adaptation was truly faithful to the original. Every scene, every setting was pretty much how I had imagined it, and Darcy was much more than what I had imagined.

Gail Wyanand from The Fountainhead : Another fictional character. Fountainhead was definitely an influential book I read when I was in my teens. Although, in later years, I dont fully buy into the ideology Rand propagates, I continue to be influenced by some of her philosophy. And funnily enough, it is not Roark, Rand’s hero who impresses me. It is this guy, whose role becomes significant well after the middle of the book.

When I read Ayn Rand’s notes on the book, she had sketched Wyanand as the guy who could have been. I actually feel a bit disappointed with her. I dont think she actually has as much
sympathy for the character herself, as she ended up creating in the book, at least for me.
He emerges as far more complex and complete than she probably intended him. I guess the
Wyanand I love is more my creation than hers. At the end of the book, when he breaks down, I
really want to step in and comfort him. What a pity the heroine Dominique does not see it that
way. And what an amazing relationship Rand creates between Wyanand and Roark. There is a line towards the end where it says something like Roark did not know Wyanand had said love was the exception making, and Wyanand would never know that Roark had loved him enough to consider making the exception for him, and wanting to make a sacrifice. 

Thats my list. I know I am supposed to write 5, but in order to be attractive to me, you need
to be super duper special. I don’t want to cheapen this list by adding some random name of
a person who does not deserve to be here.



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