30 Day Blogging Challenge : Day 10: 10 songs from your ipod

Its been ages since I even touched my ipod, so I am not going to do it, just for the sake of this blog. But I do remember this one song, Madhushala, by Manna Dey, which I constantly used to listen to on my ipod. In fact, no matter what the shuffle, I would always seek out this song, and there are entire working days when I have just heard this on the loop.

(The video has a small part of the song only. Look up the other parts on youtube, its easy enough)

Its hard to say what attracts me to this song. I think its the combination of music, words and the voice. An unusual mediation on life and love from a tavern. When I got fascinated by this song, I did some research and found that Harivansh Rai Bachchan was criticized for romanticizing alcohol through this song and Gandhi had to give the song a ‘clean chit’ so to say.

Frankly the thought of this song being able to promote alcoholism never even occurred to me. Alcohol or any other stimulant/depressant for that matter cannot match the capacity of this song to induce an almost stupor like calm.


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