30 Day Blogging Challenge : Day 9 : How important do you think education is

Will start by sharing a couple of instances

My husband recently asked my if ethyl alcohol is corrosive. He routinely asks me science based questions because I have studied science for two years more than him. He wanted to know, because he was spraying hand sanitizer on his shaving equipment and did not want it to corrode. I was extremely irritated with the question, not because I had no clue about the answer, but I did not even appreciate the potential for application of our limited science knowledge in this particular instance.

We were recently reading out the story of the thirsty crow to my daughter when my husband asked me if it was really possible for the water to rise up if stones were thrown in. Most likely, water would settle into the gaps between the stones, and if water was too less to begin with, then if too many stones were thrown in, the water would not really rise up. 

Both these instances point out how inadequate our education system is. Yet, paradoxically, I am able to appreciate the inadequacies of our education system, precisely because I am educated.

I think education is facing the biggest challenge in our era because with so much information readily available, education will need to foster additional skills like critical thinking in order to be relevant. It is no longer about what you know, because you can always find out more in very short time.Its more about how you evaluate and use what you know. 

For me, I will personally feel my education has served me well if I am able to motivate my daughter to be a curious, creative child, with a spirit of experiencing and learning. 


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