30 Day Blogging Channel: Day 6 : My views on mainstream music

I dont have a view on this. Not just on mainstream music, but on any music. I have never deliberately sought out music. Songs inspire me, songs soothe me. But I dont make an attempt to find out what does what. Its entirely by change. I have never tried to  build a collection of music or even begin to understand different genres. 

Right now the only music I consistently hear, its not really music, its a sound. A sound which is supposed to have spiritual significance. The sound of Om. I dont know about the spiritual significance of it, but let me just share my own association with it. 

Ever since I became regular at yoga, I have been chanting om regularly. At least 6 times a day, during the yoga sessions. I dont claim to have found any great spiritual insights from it. But I do know that it does calm me down, mainly because chanting it the correct way involves deep breathing, and deep breathing can only be good for you. 

Recently, I started taking my child to the day care, where they chant om as part of the morning prayer. My daughter, who has attended a few yoga sessions with me picked up the sound immediately. And she seems to like it so much, she constantly repeats it. If you ask her what she does in school, she says om. If I am not in her sight, and she is asked where her mother is, she says om, to indicate her mother has gone for yoga. If her father is not around, she says appa, office, om, meaning, appa has gone to office and is saying om. I think as far as she is concerned, since I say om in yoga class, and she says it in school, anybody who goes out anywhere is going there to say om !!!

I was quite surprised the other day, during a routine day care activity, when the teacher was asking things like a for whatever, this girl, who is all of 18 months of age, and actually has no concept of alphabet and a very limited vocabulary, decided the correct answer to the question o for was om 🙂

Like I said before, I havent associated any spiritual meanings with this sound. Which is probably why I still refer to it as a sound, rather than a chant or intonation. But I did resort to saying this repeatedly, to calm my daughter down, when she woke up with a bad dream. She cried continuously for an hour, but when I started saying this, she did not calm down fully, but at least she stopped crying for two minutes to listen to the tone. 

Its not a magic sound, but it sure has some power. 



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