2011: The year of small pleasures

When I realized I am ending 2011 pretty much exactly where I started it (personally, professionally or any othe lly which we can choose to evaluate ourselves on, as years end), I was in great danger of getting depressed. Now, this list is a therapeutic exercise, as I embark on my first new year resolution (first even new year resolution actually) of cherishing the small pleasures…….

1. Our young garden. I know zilch about plants. I dont understand eveb 10 % of what our gardener tells me. But I will take a moment out everyday, to see these young plants bloom. And we will attempt to create hedgerows resembling the ones in the English country side which we so admire in so many TV shows.

2. Yoga. Its the daily dose of challenge we need to keep life entertaining. For me yoga is not about releiving stress, or being in shape. It is for the moment when I acheive an asana which I have struggled for days to perfect. I dont aspire to be a yoga guru, just want to be a person for whom the bar is just out of reach, as I push my body to newer limits.

3. Books. Yes, I have always been known as a reader, but over the last few years, the reading habit has been slipping away. Thanks to Kindle, I have now reconnected to reading, and spent many enjoyable hours rereading old classics. And realized Jane Austen improves as you age.

4. Bird watching. An activity as ego crushing as gardening for me, which again highlights how totally oblivious I am to my surroundings. But with pigeons and peacocks and parrots running amok in our garden and adjoining areas, it is hard to miss them.

5. Cricket : Again something I lost touch with for a few years now. But as I followed many close encounters throuch website commentary, I realized the joy of unobstrusive, internet based cricket viewership.

6. Food. I am a street foodie. And we live in Gujarat. Need I say more. I hope the next year brings me more opportunities to explore local cuisines across the country, as I attempt a staggered food pilgrimage across the country.

Wish me luck.

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