My Teachers Day Tribute………

I did not really think I would write a teachers day tribute at all, but yesterday, the status message of my friend set me thinking. Her message said, Dear Life, Happy Teachers Day. Its a sentence which captures what I have always felt about teaching and about life being the best teacher;  what is more underscored the fact that, in all my over 20 years of education, I am yet to find a teacher who has occupied a permanent place in my heart, who has taught me something which is valuable for life. There have been teachers who have stimulated intellectual curiosity, who have made classes enjoyable, or from whom I picked up small hints which are helpful in professional life. But someone who is close to my heart, I am yet to find. Perhaps that is why I assumed I will not write a teachers day tribute, because although I do wish my teachers on this day, I don’t feel the tug of the heart towards a special teacher, whom I absolutely have to wish.

But over the last year and a half, I have been married to a teacher, and from him, I have learnt there is so much more to appreciate in a teacher, beyond whether they taught us anything or not. So here is my teachers day tribute…

Dear Teacher,

I appreciate the effort you put in to prepare for every class. If we even half realize your efforts, we might have been shamed into putting in at least a little effort to match yours.

I realize the fact that if you have even a little amount of self awareness, you also probably realize that much of what you may teach us in class is superficial. But I appreciate the fact that you still put in the effort to make sure you teach that to the best of your ability.

I appreciate your courage in facing us day in and day out, with enough preparation, but always wondering when one of us will spring a question for which you have no answers. You face us with the constant dread that some day the students may knock you off the pedestal.  Most of us dread facing an examination at any point of time, yet you face us, your examiners, all the time.

And yes teacher, you have taught me something. Not something through your lessons or through your interactions with me, but through the fact that you are what you are. You are an integral part of the school called Life, and from your very existence, I have drawn lessons.

Happy Teachers Day!!!

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3 thoughts on “My Teachers Day Tribute………

  1. Richa Sood says:

    Very true. Couldn’t have been put in more beautiful words. Amazing!

  2. Marietta says:

    even though am a lil later catching up, lovely reading this…. Teachers actually do have a huge responsibility of ‘educating’…. was fortunate enough to have come across a select few who have been doin that… Kuddos to those amazing souls… May they journey ahead triumphantly..

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